Saturday, March 28, 2009

Web 2.0 or BUST!

My exploration into the world of Web 2.0 has been so much fun.  With each new tool I find I have at least a hundred new ideas, for both my high school classroom and my college pre-service teachers.  The videos I selected represent information I would (and for one of the videos, have) use in my college courses.  The first video is a tutorial for a free program offered by Microsoft called PhotoStory.  It is a program that helps you to create digital stories for any area of your life.  I shared this program with my grad class and required them to create social stories for their classroom to help their students learn a social skill.  (check one of them out here).  The tutorial showed the students step-by step directions to create their own social story.
The second video I chose was a video entitled "Why should we let our children blog?".  The internet is in the midst of a revolution of collaboration and information sharing.  One of my goals with my grad students is to help them to see not only the value of the web in their teaching and student learning, but the effectiveness and practicality of its use. I plan to share this with my students to stress these facts with them.  It does a really nice job of showing them why blogging is so effective and necessary.  
I am sure I will continue to post videos as I found the website to be a very cool site with a tone of resources.  What impresses me most is the ability of teachers to have an open forum to share, collaborate and reflect and grow together.  Web 2.0 or BUST!!


  1. Lauren,
    Thanks for sharing the video story created by one of your students. It was quite impressive. I also enjoyed the "How NOT to use PPt."
    The ability of teachers to share ideas and teaching materials through use of the interent these days is really fantastic, isn't it!
    Dr. Burgos

  2. Lauren,
    In my last comment I forgot to mention that your blog posts would reach a wider audience if you put tags/labels on them. When you create a post, you just put the tags (separated by commas) at the bottom of the post. That way when people search the web, they may find your posts.
    Dr. Burgos


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