Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My other life...

I rarely speak about the other side of my life, the part that consumes a large part of my day, but since I originally started this blog as a forum to share all aspects of my life including my love of learning, I thought it only appropriate that I also share tidbits about my job as a Prek-12 principal, and my other academic pursuits.

I have to admit to both love and hate my job, but that is probably common with most jobs. Many people probably share the same feelings. This evening I attended a science fair hosted by a science teacher at our school. It was AMAZING! The students were well prepared and dressed to impress. The turn out was great and the overall feeling at the event was that of pride. These are the moments that make me love my job. I loved being a part of that. I loved that it was a great success for my science teacher, who also could go home proud and feel that her efforts made a difference.

Oh! if only every day was like you can imagine, there are many frustrations as well. I think it is so important to keep these small wins with me to remind me of what is important...

Another happy moment of the day was an email from Ken Royal from Administrator Magazine. I had written to him and offered to write a review for the magazine on this cool new technology called the Livescribe Smartpen. He told me that he was starting a new blog called "Best in tech Today" and he wanted me to review the Livescribe for the first post. Well today he sent me the published piece. So exciting. Made my day! Like I is the little things...
Click Here To Read It!


  1. Lauren, loved the article. Congratulations on the Science Fair as well.
    You have put so much effort into improving the performance of your school for many years, you will see the results, more often! Proud of you, as always.

  2. I can relate to both loving and hating ones job. It is days like this that I cherish. You are making a difference in so many lives. Don't let the bad days get you down. Math Make & takes, Science Fairs, LiveScribes, iPods, Smartboards, State Essay Winners, 6,000 books read... Our school is AWESOME, and so are you!!!


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