Sunday, April 26, 2009

Podcasting…and other revelations!

Podcasting…I am surprised to learn that I had the completely wrong definition and understanding of what a podcast was. Similar to many things in this new age, you hear a name of an application so much that you think you know what it is. What I have learned is that you really have to experiment with any application to truly understand what it is and what it does. I learned that podcasts can be audi or digital in form and are a type of internet broadcast. I had no idea that they were serial shows or recurring in nature. The podcast I chose among the many I examined, to use in my classroom is the “Just Vocabulary” Podcast that can be found in the ITunes store under the Education link. This podcast brings you two new vocabulary words per day. I can see this being used in both a high school or college course. In the high school students are preparing for their SAT and Regents exam. Vocabulary is one of the areas many students struggle with especially the non-readers. Students that read are more frequents exposed to vocabulary. This podcast is approximately 2 minutes in length and gives students exposure every day. In the same way this could be used in an undergraduate class to prepare students for their teaching exams. Although college students read very often, much of the assigned reading may not include advanced vocabulary. This preliminary exploration has opened my eyes to a whole new world of learning. These podcasts can even be downloaded and synched to your ipod daily. This would be a great bell-ringer exercise for any classroom any age.

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  1. Lauren,
    Don't you just love discovering a new tool for teaching and learning. You are so right that we have to experience these tools to really understand how they work and if we would find them useful or not.
    Personally, I'm still trying to make the right connections for myself in Twitter and trying to get a handle on Second Life. While I know that many people find them very useful professionally, I'm still working with them to see how they might be better than other available tools. Since using cells is also a hot topic at the moment, I bought a Blackberry and am still working on that as well. The longer I keep at each tool, the more I appreciate what it can do in an educational setting.
    Dr. Burgos


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