Saturday, January 31, 2009

Social Networking with Ning

The social network I am a member of is the Chautauqua County Teachers Center National Board Certification group ( This is a group of women working toward their National Board Certification. I received my National Board Certification in November 2005. It was a very rewarding process, but very rigorous and stressful. I am currently a National Board Candidate Support Provider and these women are my candidates. I think as a member of this group I can help to support the women and provide much needed support and encouragement throughout the process. On the other side it will be a useful tool for me to monitor the progress of the process and will make the collaboration and support easier. It is very important that they use each other also as collaborators. I can encourage this collaboration through the use of this social network. They can see each others questions and support each other.

1 comment:

  1. Lauren,
    Congratulations on your National Board certification. I'm sure the process is daunting but rewarding.
    I'm happy to hear that you have a support group. Interesting that it is a Ning group.
    Dr. Burgos


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