Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Adventures in Reupholstery...Kelly and Bob's Chair Part II

The next part of this project involved the refinishing of the arms/legs and the final assembly of the chair. I do not even have a photo of the original chair with the arms, because it has been so long since they were on the chair.The arms had old stain and had been painted brown. So the first thing I did was sand, sand, sand...then I sanded some more...

You can see in the picture above the brown paint on the legs...but after only a short four hours...the legs were ready for spraying...

I painted the arms and legs in Rustoleum Satin Black. I put three coats on them over three days.

Last but not least...I screwed the arms/legs to the chair...and there you have it... a brand new chair!! Lawson agree it looks "much better mom".


  1. Lauren,
    It looks fabulous...can't wait to sit in it!

  2. Nice job! I love the fabric choice.

  3. Very cute~they look like they were done by a professional!


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